Why is doTERRA so expensive? (Top 10 Reasons in 2023)

doTERRA, a well-known company in the essential oils industry, offers a wide range of therapeutic-grade essential oils and related products. While many people appreciate the quality and benefits of doTERRA products, some may wonder why they come with a higher price tag compared to other essential oil brands. 

doTERRA essential oils are expensive due to a few key reasons: They maintain high-quality sourcing practices, extracting oils from plants grown in native habitats. They use a rigorous testing process, ensuring purity. Also, the multi-level marketing structure used for distribution adds additional costs, inflating the price.

In this article, we will delve into the factors that contribute to the perceived expense of doTERRA products, uncovering the reasons behind their higher costs. So, let’s explore the secrets and understand why doTERRA is priced the way it is.

10 Key Factors That Makes doterra So Expensive

DoTERRA is a popular brand known for its essential oils and wellness products. 

While pricing can vary depending on the specific product and market conditions, here are top key factors that can contribute to the relatively higher cost of DoTERRA products:

#1- High-Quality Standards

DoTERRA is committed to providing high-quality essential oils and wellness products. 

They prioritize sourcing from plants grown in their native regions and ensure that their oils are free from contaminants or synthetic additives. 

Maintaining these high-quality standards involves rigorous quality control processes, sourcing from reputable suppliers, and conducting extensive testing, which can contribute to higher costs.

#2- Rigorous Testing and Certification

DoTERRA invests in third-party testing and certification to ensure the purity and potency of their essential oils. 

This involves conducting multiple tests, such as gas chromatography and mass spectrometry, to verify the chemical composition and authenticity of the oils. 

These testing procedures, along with the associated certification costs, are reflected in the pricing of DoTERRA products.

#3- Sustainable Sourcing

DoTERRA prioritizes sustainable sourcing practices and aims to support local farmers and communities around the world. 

This commitment involves building long-term relationships, promoting fair trade, and implementing environmentally-friendly farming methods. 

These sustainable sourcing practices can involve additional costs compared to companies that prioritize lower-quality or conventionally sourced ingredients.

#4- Distillation and Extraction Methods

DoTERRA employs advanced distillation and extraction methods to obtain essential oils from plants. 

These methods, such as steam distillation or cold-press extraction, require specialized equipment, expertise, and careful handling of the botanical material. 

These additional steps and investments in equipment can increase the production costs and contribute to the higher price of DoTERRA products.

#5- Research and Development

DoTERRA invests in research and development to improve their products and explore new formulations. 

This includes scientific studies, product testing, and innovation to enhance the therapeutic properties and effectiveness of their essential oils. 

The costs associated with research, development, and product improvement are factored into the pricing of DoTERRA products.

#6- Exclusive Blends and Formulations

DoTERRA offers proprietary blends and unique formulations that combine multiple essential oils to create specific therapeutic benefits. 

Developing these exclusive blends requires expertise in essential oil properties and careful formulation to achieve desired results. 

The time and effort invested in creating these specialized blends contribute to the higher cost of DoTERRA products.

#7- Product Packaging and Design

DoTERRA emphasizes high-quality packaging to protect the integrity and longevity of their essential oils. 

They use dark-colored glass bottles or other suitable packaging materials to preserve the oils’ quality. 

Additionally, they invest in product labeling and design that provide important information and maintain brand consistency. 

These investments in packaging materials and design can add to the overall manufacturing and packaging costs.

#8- Education and Training

DoTERRA places a strong emphasis on educating its distributors and customers about the safe and effective use of essential oils. 

They provide extensive training programs, workshops, and educational resources to promote proper usage and address common concerns. 

The costs associated with developing and delivering these educational materials are factored into the pricing of DoTERRA products.

#9- Customer Support and Service

DoTERRA strives to provide excellent customer support and service. They have dedicated teams to assist customers with their inquiries, provide guidance, and address any concerns. 

These customer support services involve costs related to staffing, training, and maintaining efficient customer service operations.

#10- Brand Reputation and Demand

DoTERRA has established a strong brand reputation for producing high-quality essential oils and wellness products. 

Their commitment to quality, sustainability, and purity has garnered a loyal customer base. 

The demand for DoTERRA products and the brand’s popularity can influence pricing, as customers are willing to pay a premium for a trusted brand and the assurance of quality.

Is Buying Expensive Doterra Worth It?

Determining whether buying Doterra products is worth it requires careful analysis. 

This comprehensive review will dive into the quality and purity, Reputation and trust, Product Selection and Exclusive Blends, Education and Support, and Budget Considerations to aid in your purchasing decision.

Quality and Purity

DoTERRA is known for its commitment to producing high-quality essential oils and wellness products. 

They prioritize sourcing from reputable suppliers and implementing rigorous testing procedures. 

If you value the quality and purity of essential oils and are willing to pay a premium for products that meet stringent standards, buying DoTERRA may be worth it for you.

Reputation and Trust

DoTERRA has established a strong reputation in the essential oil industry. 

Their focus on sustainability, ethical sourcing, and transparency has garnered a loyal customer base. 

If you trust the brand and its commitment to providing reliable and authentic products, it may be worth purchasing DoTERRA products for the peace of mind and assurance of quality.

Product Selection and Exclusive Blends

DoTERRA offers a wide range of essential oils and wellness products. 

They have exclusive blends and formulations that are carefully crafted for specific purposes. 

If you are looking for unique blends or have specific wellness goals that align with DoTERRA’s offerings, their products may be worth considering.

Education and Support

DoTERRA provides extensive educational resources and support for their customers. 

They offer workshops, training programs, and access to knowledgeable distributors who can guide you in the safe and effective use of essential oils. 

If you value ongoing education and support in utilizing essential oils for health and well-being, this can add value to your purchase decision.

Budget Considerations

DoTERRA products are generally priced higher compared to some other essential oil brands. 

Consider your budget and the cost of DoTERRA products in relation to the value you expect to gain. 

Evaluate the importance you place on factors such as quality, reputation, and exclusive blends against the associated cost. 

If the benefits and unique features of DoTERRA products outweigh the cost for you, it may be worth the investment.

Top 3 Budget Friendly Alternative For doterra

Looking for cost-effective alternatives to doTERRA essential oils without compromising quality? 

You’ve come to the right place! 

We’ve researched and found three budget-friendly alternatives that offer exceptional quality, rivaling doTERRA’s offering, but at a more wallet-friendly price point. 

Let’s dive in!

Plant Therapy

Plant Therapy is a reputable essential oil brand that offers high-quality products at more affordable prices compared to premium brands like DoTERRA. 

They have a wide selection of single oils and blends, and their oils undergo rigorous testing to ensure purity and authenticity. 

Plant Therapy prioritizes transparency and provides detailed information about their sourcing and testing practices. 

By offering quality products at lower price points, Plant Therapy provides a budget-friendly alternative to DoTERRA.

NOW Foods

NOW Foods is a well-established brand that offers an extensive range of essential oils at competitive prices. 

They maintain strict quality control measures and use independent testing to verify the authenticity and purity of their oils. 

NOW Foods has a strong reputation for providing affordable yet reliable essential oils. 

Their broad product range allows for more accessible options, making them a budget-friendly alternative to DoTERRA.

Aura Cacia

Aura Cacia is a respected brand that offers a diverse selection of essential oils and blends at affordable prices. 

They prioritize sustainability, ethical sourcing, and quality assurance.

Aura Cacia follows strict standards for their products, and their oils undergo thorough testing to ensure purity and potency.

By offering a range of affordable options without compromising on quality, Aura Cacia presents a budget-friendly alternative to DoTERRA.


To gain a deeper understanding of why doTERRA products have a higher price point, let’s address some common FAQs related to the cost of doTERRA products.

Does the packaging contribute to the higher cost?

While the packaging of Doterra oils is sleek and appealing, it is not the primary factor driving up the price. The focus of the brand is on the quality of the product itself, rather than extravagant packaging. Doterra invests in sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging, which adds to the overall cost but aligns with their commitment to responsible business practices.

How does Doterra ensure the quality of their oils?

Doterra employs a rigorous quality testing process to ensure their oils meet the highest standards. The oils undergo multiple tests, including gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, and microbiological analysis. These tests verify the purity, potency, and absence of contaminants, ensuring that customers receive oils that are safe and effective.

Does Doterra offer any certifications for their oils?

Doterra oils are subjected to CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) testing, which is a comprehensive quality protocol established by the company. This testing guarantees that the oils are pure and free from any synthetic additives or harmful substances. The CPTG certification provides reassurance to consumers regarding the quality and integrity of Doterra oils.

Are there any additional benefits to purchasing Doterra oils?

Doterra operates with a strong focus on ethical sourcing and sustainability. The brand engages in partnerships and initiatives that support farmers and communities worldwide. By purchasing Doterra oils, you not only receive a high-quality product but also contribute to the betterment of lives and the environment.

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