Why is godzilla ps4 so expensive? (Top 10 Reasons in 2023) 

The video game Godzilla PS4 has become well-liked by followers of the property. It features the recognizable gigantic monster. Some players, however, might wonder why Godzilla PS4 is more expensive than other titles. 

Godzilla PS4 can be expensive due to its limited availability and the high demand from fans of the franchise. Additionally, licensing and production costs associated with the Godzilla intellectual property contribute to its higher price.

In this article, we will explore the reasons behind the expense of Godzilla PS4, shedding light on the factors that contribute to its pricing. So let’s explore the world of Godzilla PS4 and uncover why it comes with a heftier price!

10 Key Factors That Makes godzilla ps4 So Expensive

Ever wondered why Godzilla PS4 costs so much? Well, hang onto your controller because we’re about to go into the top reasons why this game can burn a hole in your pocket. 

We’re exploring why this monster of a game is so expensive, from its rarity to Godzilla’s popularity! Ready? Let’s go.

#1- Limited Production

So, imagine you have a bag of your favorite cookies but only a few pieces left. 

You’d probably savor them and each one would feel special, right? 

That’s the principle behind limited production. 

When a game is only produced in small quantities, each copy feels unique and special – so much so, that people are willing to pay more for them!

#2- High Development Cost

Think of creating a video game like building a super cool, super intricate Lego model. 

You need to buy all the different Lego sets, invest your time, patience, and creativity to put them together. 

That’s kind of what developing a game is like.

The developers invest time, resources, and a lot of creativity into creating those amazing graphics, storylines, and sound effects we all love so much.

And don’t forget about the fees they paid just to use the Godzilla brand. 

All of these costs add up and are reflected in the price.

#3- Remastered Editions

Remastering a game is like taking your old, favorite pair of jeans and giving them a total makeover: patching up the holes, adjusting the fit, and maybe even adding some cool new patches or designs. 

Just like your ‘new’ jeans, remastered games take a lot of time and effort to upgrade. 

That’s why they often cost more than the original game.

#4- Collector’s Editions

Collector’s editions are like the VIP versions of a game. 

They usually come with some pretty awesome goodies that make game enthusiasts jump with joy, like artwork, figurines, or special in-game bonuses. 

But just like a VIP ticket to a concert, these extras come at a price.

#5- Popularity

If a game is super popular, just like any trendy item, it can be sold at a higher price. 

It’s all about supply and demand. 

Think of it as the new trending toy during the holiday season, everybody wants it, and that drives the price up!

#6- Availability

Ever searched for a rare book or a limited-edition sneaker?

It’s not easy, right?

And when you finally find it, it’s usually quite pricey. 

The same goes for video games. 

If a game is hard to find, its price can go up dramatically. It’s all about the thrill of the hunt!

#7- In-Game Content

Sometimes games have optional extras you can buy while you’re playing. 

Think of it like going to a movie and getting the full popcorn, soda, and candy combo instead of just the ticket. 

These in-game purchases can add to your overall cost and make the game seem more expensive.

#8- Brand Value

Godzilla has been around for ages and has a solid fan base. 

The name itself carries weight, and people are usually willing to pay more for it. 

It’s like choosing a designer T-shirt over a no-brand one, sometimes the name itself adds value!

#9- DLCs and Expansion Packs

These are like vacation extensions. 

You’ve had such a great time that you want to stay a bit longer and explore more, but of course, that comes with an extra cost. 

If these expansions are seen as part of the full experience, it can make the game seem pricier.

#10- Market Fluctuations

Think of it like trading cards. Some old, rare cards in your collection might fetch a hefty price because of its rarity. 

If a game is considered rare or hard to find, prices can go up, especially if it’s being sold on places like eBay or collector’s sites.

Is Buying Godzilla ps4 Worth It?

Whether buying Godzilla PS4 is worth it or not is subjective and depends on your personal preferences as a gamer and a fan of the Godzilla franchise. 

It may be helpful to read more reviews and opinions from players who share similar interests and expectations to make an informed decision.

Fan of Godzilla

Are you a big fan of the Godzilla universe? 

Just like collecting comic books or movie memorabilia, video games can be an excellent way to connect with a franchise you love. 

In this game, you’re getting the chance to control Godzilla and other iconic monsters from the franchise. 

You get to relive and engage with the Godzilla lore in a fun and interactive way. 

This sense of immersion can be a rewarding experience if you’re passionate about Godzilla.


Consider the type of games you enjoy. 

The Godzilla PS4 game is primarily about monster fights and destruction. 

This can be fun and cathartic, but it can also become repetitive if it’s not your style. 

Do a bit of research about the gameplay – maybe watch some online playthroughs or read some reviews. 

If the gameplay mechanics, the graphics, and the overall style match with what you generally enjoy in a game, it could be worth the investment.


This one’s pretty straightforward. 

Video games are a form of entertainment, and just like any other hobby, it’s crucial to make sure it fits into your financial plan. 

Consider the game’s price and compare it with your gaming budget. 

It’s essential to ensure that buying a pricey game like Godzilla PS4 won’t strain your finances.


Some people love to collect video games, particularly limited-edition or hard-to-find ones. 

If you’re a collector, Godzilla PS4 might be a great addition to your collection. 

It’s a game tied to a historic franchise, and the scarcity could increase its value over time. 

From a collector’s point of view, getting this game might be worth it.

Resale Value

If you’re someone who often resells games after playing them, consider Godzilla PS4’s potential resale value. 

Given the factors that drive its price

  • limited production, popularity of the franchise, and possibly even its collector’s value
  • you might be able to sell the game for close to what you paid, or maybe even more, especially if you keep it in good condition.

Top 3 Budget Friendly Alternative For godzilla ps4

Looking for budget-friendly alternatives to Godzilla PS4? Check out these top three options that offer thrilling monster gaming experiences without breaking the bank.

Explore affordable alternatives to satisfy your monster-battling cravings.

#1- “War of the Monsters” (PS2, available on PS4)

This game is a bit of a hidden gem. Originally released on the PlayStation 2, it’s now available on the PlayStation Store for PS4 users. 

It’s a 3D fighting game where you get to play as a giant monster, with gameplay involving city-destroying and epic monster battles. 

If you enjoy the idea of controlling Godzilla to wreak havoc in a city, you’ll likely enjoy this game.

Even though the game doesn’t include Godzilla specifically, the similar gameplay at a fraction of the cost makes it a fantastic alternative.

#2- “Pacific Rim: The Video Game” (Xbox 360, PS3)

Pacific Rim and Godzilla share a lot of thematic similarities. 

They’re both about giant creatures (Kaiju) causing destruction, and humanity’s struggle to fight back. 

While the game adaptation of Pacific Rim isn’t available on PS4, it’s a solid choice if you have access to an Xbox 360 or PS3. 

In this game, you’re piloting Jaegers (giant robots) to fight against the Kaiju, and it brings a twist to the Godzilla formula by having a focus on robots.

The gameplay mechanics are similar, with city destruction and intense battles. 

It’s also generally cheaper than Godzilla PS4 due to being an older title, which is a plus if you’re budget-conscious.

#3- “Colossal Kaiju Combat!: Kaijuland Battles” (PC)

This is an indie game available on PC, and it’s entirely focused on the Kaiju genre. 

Players can control a variety of unique Kaijus to engage in thrilling battles. 

Although it’s not as polished or visually impressive as a AAA game like Godzilla PS4, it offers plenty of Kaiju action at a lower price point. 

Additionally, because it’s a PC game, it often goes on sale on platforms like Steam, potentially making it even more budget-friendly. 

If you have a PC capable of running games and enjoy the Kaiju genre, it’s a good choice.

Where to Buy Godzilla ps4?

Wondering where to buy Godzilla PS4? Look no further! Discover the best places to purchase this thrilling monster game and embark on epic battles.

Find the perfect retailer to fulfill your Godzilla gaming desires.


As one of the largest and most popular e-commerce platforms, Amazon offers a vast selection of products, including video games. 

It’s a trustworthy site that has built a strong reputation over the years. 

With various sellers listing their products, you might find new or used copies of Godzilla PS4. 

But, because of the game’s rarity, sellers may charge higher prices due to the supply and demand rule. 

Make sure to check the seller ratings and reviews to ensure they’re credible and reliable.


This is another vast online marketplace where individuals can sell new or used items, including rare video games. 

eBay can be a great place to find Godzilla PS4 at a potentially lower price, especially if you’re patient and watchful for good deals. 

However, remember to check the seller’s feedback score and read the item’s description carefully. 

Be aware that because of the game’s rarity, there may be people selling counterfeits.


Known as a global retailer specializing in video games, consoles, and accessories, GameStop is a go-to for many gamers. 

They often carry a wide variety of games, both new and pre-owned. 

They might have Godzilla PS4 in their inventory, especially in the pre-owned section. 

You can visit one of their physical stores or check their online platform.

PlayStation Store

If you’re open to owning the game digitally rather than physically, you might find Godzilla PS4 on the PlayStation Store. 

However, availability could vary depending on region and the decisions of the game’s publisher. 

Purchasing digitally is a convenient way of acquiring the game, as it will download directly to your PS4.

Local Video Game Stores

Often, local video game stores, especially those specializing in retro games, have an interesting array of titles, including rare and hard-to-find games. 

These stores are often run by gaming enthusiasts who love to help fellow gamers find exactly what they’re looking for.


Will the price of Godzilla PS4 decrease in the future?

As time passes, the price of rare games like Godzilla PS4 may fluctuate. However, due to its status as a collector’s item and the ongoing demand from fans, it’s unlikely that the price will significantly decrease in the near future.

Are there any discounts or promotions available for Godzilla PS4?

Occasionally, you may come across limited-time promotions or discounts for Godzilla PS4, especially during special events or sales. It’s worth keeping an eye out for such opportunities to secure the game at a slightly lower price.

Should I invest in Godzilla PS4 as a collector’s item?

Investing in rare games can be a speculative venture. If you’re a passionate fan or collector with a deep appreciation for the Godzilla franchise, acquiring Godzilla PS4 as a collector’s item can hold sentimental and potential financial value.

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